The School

Gandahara Educational Academy’s mission to to provide the highest quality preschool and primary education and to encourage all of its students to DREAM BIG.

Gandahara Educational Academy  provides quality education for boys and girls, ages 4 to 15.  The school is open for nine months per year, four hours a day, from Saturday through Thursday, in  classes with no more than 25 children each. It includes the first developmental preschool education in eastern Afghanistan. Young children  learn basic pre-academic skills and positive social values.  The Academy also includes classes for elementary grades 1-5 to provide children with a strong set of skills that ensure success when they continue into more advanced grades.  The program includes use of up-to-date resources, individual learning plans for children with special needs, and transportation to and from school where needed.  The school is located in a 21 room building with a large playground.

Gandahara Educational Academy was established in September 2010 by two Rotary alumni Ambassadorial Scholars who studied in the United States and returned to Afghanistan with a commitment to use their capabilities to improve education for children in Afghanistan.  Today it is still owned and oeprated by one of these men.  It employs 14 teachers and a principal with several years of experience and a college education.  Most of the teachers have university degrees and all have prior teaching experience.

The Academy is accredited by the Afghanistan Ministry of Education.  It is committed to Muslim beliefs and practices.



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